Wednesday, 18 March 2009


The work I'm doing at the moment deals with the idea of children learning about death and how it's a milestone in every one's life, it's kind of an "apocalypse of childhood" [the revelation of death]. I've been working with imagery from my own childhood that I relate to the time when I first learnt about death, and the realization that I could also die, all the paintings are of objects/experiences that reminds me of the fear of death and nightmares I had due to these fears, painted with apocalyptic-esque skies [to suggest "the end" - death].
Along side this I've been putting together a kind of wallpaper to act as a background for the paintings, based on the same idea. It starts at the bottom of the wall with uncoloured colouring book pages - to symbolize childhood innocence, working the way up the wall to neon photocopies of pages from encyclopedias - to represent the harshness of the "real world", showing how children grow up from childhood into the 'real world' by learning about death - the neon pages are things i used to read about when I was a kid [cannibalism, napalm, atomic bombs, spontaneous combustion and Chernobyl] things I shouldn't of read about but did anyway used to represent death. I used neon paper to make the real world look more appealing [like the forbidden fruit] and also to disguise the horrific subject matter, and left the colouring books plain to symbolize the innocence of childhood - untainted by death. Ive cut out characters from the colouring books and placed them in the 'real world' interacting with environment, to show the progression between the two ages. I've so far only done this in my studio space, trying my paintings against the 'wallpaper', I really need to get into a project space and try it out on a larger scale...

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