Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Colourful Joke

I'm universally crap at both remembering jokes, telling them, and also understanding them, apparently my brain thinks too logically to process jokes, however my friend Carys told me this joke a few weeks ago and through some fluke i managed to a) understand it b) remember it, and c) hopefully have retold right.
So here goes...

[imaginary drum roll please]

What's Blue and taste's like Yellow paint?

[give in?]

It's Blue paint!

[imaginary tumbleweed please]

Now when I first heard that I was suitably impressed, I do however think its far too sophisticated for a joke, its more like those classy brain teasers you get in broadsheets. I'm comparing it to them to perhaps make me feel better about my initail response to the joke, in the gap between joke and punchline I answered "something green?".

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