Saturday, 21 March 2009

Didn't We Have A Lovely Time, The Day We Went To Bangor

Spraypaint, Wax, Fabric, Ink, Glitter

'I Must Think Of A Brick Wall'

My Plaques

I don't wanna boast but i got two paintings into the Bangor Open Exhibition, and they got a little plaque [if i call it a plaque it makes up for the fact it's made of foamboard] which made me feel pretty darn good about myself, however I cannot take all the credit, my friend Wendy did nag me to submit the painting of Elliott from E.T, i intially said 'no', because it's a big-ish piece and I was too lazy to drag it all the way to Bangor, and to me it doesn't make any sense without the flock of paper birds above him, but she insisted it worked and kept nagging. Eventually I just gave in, she even predicted it would get in and sell [it hasn't sold but it did get a special mention - which i consider to be proof she's a witch]. having seen the painting of 'Elliott' in the gallery today I can sort of see why Wendy nagged so much, he did look alright in there, the light was catching the glitter and making the background all twinkley so i was pretty chuffed [but then i am biased]. The other painting is a stencilled spraypainting of the head boy from 'Village of the Damned', it was part of the project I did about horror films in my second year, when i first started getting into the idea of dream and reality mixing [which is now a major theme in my work].

[bit annoyed that i couldn't get a decent picture of the framed piece - no matter where i stood i kept getting dodgy reflections]

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