Monday, 30 March 2009


That's Hot!

That's Hot! [Detail]
Acrylic on Board

I have a bit of an obsession with Paris Hilton, well actually I'm more transfixed by her than obsessed, she's kind of like a car crash, you know you should turn away and not look but you can't help yourself. Love or hate her you have to admire the fact she can fall in shit and come up smelling of roses - I mean she's turned a sex scandal and prison sentence into money making schemes! My 'obsession' reached it peek during the two gap years i took between Foundation and my Degree, I worked in our village shop and stood reading trashy celebrity magazines devouring reports of Paris' latest exploits instead of doing actual work. My favourite Paris related story was the way the movie "House of Wax" was marketed in the press, they gave it the tag line: "SEE PARIS HILTON DIE!", once she saw how much people loved that concept, she claimed it was all her own idea! Clever girl! I actually believe a large chuck of people who went to see the film only went to see her die, i certainly did, i mean that in the nicest possible way. I do think its a damn good film, and think Paris been killed in it overshadowed the film, However I was waiting excitedly throughout the film for Paris' big scene, which makes me sound pretty evil, but I had spent months reading about her and this film, so I think I'd hyped it up in my head and got over-excited trying to imagine it my head before I saw it. When the scene came it didn't disappoint, I highly recommend the film just for Paris' death scene, it's actually quite sad, they sort of pause on her face, I know looking vacant isn't really a drain on her "acting talents" but I certainly believed her in that scene, which is why I painted a picture of it, I thought it was quite a beautiful composition, its filled with a definite sense of pathos, almost like some kind of postmodern/secular crucifixion. I do however reckon the producers where taking the piss a bit and making a sly reference to her infamous "other movie", considering the phallic imagery of the pole skewering her head...

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