Sunday, 5 April 2009


I sort of adopted this song as an anthem for this year, it sounds stupid to say it to people who aren't Annmarie or than don't know me, but I can relate to what Santi is singing about. I'll let this quote from an interview with Santi explain the meaning behind the song:

"Well, it's 'L-E-S Artistes' and it stands for Lower East Side. It's not a French thing, it is playing on the fact that everyone tries to make things fancy and it's really pretentious. The song is about me moving back to New York, feeling really vulnerable, wanting to be an artist soaking up all simulation creatively but at the same time staying introverted and in my own mind. At the same time, it's about being accosted by the New York scene and the scenesters and hipsters, who are really not artists and are just pretending to be. They're all about just being seen."

It kind of sums up how I felt when I arrived in Wrexham to start my final year, and if I'm honest I don't really feel any different now I'm at the end of the year, to quote Santi once more, "I hope it will be worth what I give up"...

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