Thursday, 26 March 2009


"Emotion is Irrelevant" [Blue Eyes]
Spraypaint on Paper

"You're Gonna Die Up There" [White]
Spraypaint on Sugar Paper

"Chairman Meow"
Spraypaint on Card

Apparently there's been a bit of interest in my spraypaintings in the Silent Auction, especially in "The Blinding", and not just from my friends. And rumour has it I even have bids [yes, plural] so I took some more spraypaintings in for the Stall that's running along side the auction, where we're trying to flog things the good old fashioned way [with price stickers and a smile] so I've posted some examples of some of the stuff I took in. None of which sold. However whilst I was manning the stall [well sitting behind the sale table twirling on a swivel chair, drinking a Ribena] a lad got his girlfriend to ask if I was Badge, which I am, he then told me he really liked my work, especially "The Blinding", not sure I could class him as a fan but it's a start. This to me was better than actually selling anything, plus one of my tutors said encouraging things about the Barbies, so a good day all round! Who actually needs money anyways? [OK I do - I'm developing quite a worrying Ribena habit, I'm not at the stage where I sell my Mam's T.V set but it's only a matter of time...]

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