Thursday, 9 April 2009

Ian Francis

"A Monster Climbs From the Lake! No, It's Just the 4th of July"
Ian Francis
Mixed Media on Canvas. 2008

"A Monster in the Sky of Brighton Beach"
Ian Francis
Mixed Media on Canvas, 2008

"A Complex, Interrelated Problem Advances on a Girl in San Francisco"
Ian Francis
Mixed Media on Canvas. 2008

Another one of my current art obsessions, I first saw his work at the beginning of the year in Juxtapoz, and he quickly became an influence on my work. He uses popular culture within his work, trawling the Internet, songs, books, films etc for images to use as source material, mixing in fears culled from the news [war, terror, global warming etc] giving the paintings an apocalyptic atmosphere. Francis has said this about his work:

"The sometimes apocalyptic feel of my work comes from the combination of the fact we're probably the safest and wealthiest we've ever been against both the mass media sense of impending doom and also the fact that a potential world resource shortage could realistically mean that we won't be living this lifestyle for that much longer.

I'm interested in life, small inter-personal relationships, celebrities, etc. Against that backdrop there are a lot of huge apocalyptic things that you read about or see on the news that aren't always immediately obvious when you walk out the door. It’s about pornography and news reports from war zones instead of sex and death.

My work is about modern life, particularly television, world events, celebrities, and day-to-day living."

The interview with Francis in January's issue of Jutaxpoz [no.96] starts off with a description of his childhood, it is frighteningly similar to a description I wrote of my own just before my Christmas assessment, so here's the quote:

"My childhood was good, ordinary, stable, and uneventful. I was an awkward kid; I wasn't good at social interaction and was happier reading or drawing. I had a pretty vivid imagination, which was great in some ways but kind of lead to having lots of nightmares, too"

I'm not saying that we could be twins, but its good to know that there are people similar-ish to me out there.

Here's a few links to some sites with stuff about Ian on them :

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