Friday, 10 April 2009

Joshua Hoffine

Some examples of Hoffine's photography

I found Hoffine's work while researching artists who use fear as the basis of their work [it'll apparently help put my own work into "an artistic context"] like Ian Francis' paintings and methodology I can relate to Hoffine's photos and his reasoning. Like me he started watching horror films at an early age [in his case it was Poltergeist] and became obsessed with all the imagery that accompanies horror and the macabre. And again like me he also has a fascination with the lighter side of life, here's a quote from his artist statement:

"I love old Disney cartoons. I like the hyper realism of animation, and the overblown production values of big Hollywood movies. I want my images to be pretty so that you look at them longer. I am interested in the science of fairy tales. I want to reinvent archetypes. I embrace the Jungian power of a cliche. I think of my photographs as pieces of candy".

I have a similar attitude to my own work, it may deal with death [or contain gruesome imagery] but it tends to be extremely colourful and in some cases humorous, I always want my paintings etc to be visually appealing and pretty to look at, I fail to see any merit in been mopey and dull with my current lot of paintings just because I'm discussing death. In fact I was told at the start of the year by my personal tutor that my version of the apocalypse is one of the most colourful and positive he'd ever seen, in my eyes the end of the world would be pretty darn bright.

Hoffine's Website:

His blog is well worth visiting, he's written some real interesting things about his photos

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