Monday, 20 April 2009

The Project Space Strikes Back

In Galaxy Far Far Away Over Easter I did this...

[apologizing in advance for the "stunning" photography you are about to see]

I re-booked the project and recycled the "wallpaper" I made last time from colouring books and neon photocopies, to try out different layouts, set ups and ideas for the degree show.
The first day was spent trying out just the paintings in the space, and then bringing in the "wallpaper" on the opposite wall, before covering the wall between the two as well.
I have to confess that the Project Space is a darn good idea [not that I'll admit that out loud in Uni] it's been most helpful getting in there and being able to see my ideas in an actual space, and this Project Space is by far my favourite, you can go into the far corner and curl up for a nap and no-one disturbs you. But back to the work [see how focused I am] again I'm doubting whether the "wallpaper" and the paintings work together? I think they clash too much [I can't believe I just wrote that, I'm normally excited by things that clash] it could be because the two pieces create two entirely different atmospheres. The paintings are quite menacing, while the "wallpaper" is loud and quite overwhelming, I think I just need to find a happy balance between the two ...

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