Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Return of the Project Space

Whilst taking the "wallpaper" down in the Project Space I hit upon the idea of using it as carpet! Last time I was in the space I covered the floor with just colouring books, I never thought to try having the colouring books by the entrance progressing to neon photocopies as you moved into the space [something you have walk through/over like the green mile corridor to the electric chair]. I only had the big sheet I'd used on the wall to try out the idea, its the wrong way round but gives the impression of how the colours would work with the paintings.
I'm much happier with this idea and think I might of finally found the solution to my problem of how to combine the two contrasting elements [paintings and "wallpaper"] it even makes the space seem brighter, its like the floor is glowing, which works nicely with the glow coming off some off the spraypaint in the paintings.
Just have to keep my fingers crossed that the space I'm allocated for the degree show is suitable for this idea ...


  1. Hi Barry
    Do you know i think i quite like the wallpaper on the floor idea - you could maybe hand out crayons for people to colour outside the lines too!!!!!!!! Trace x x

  2. I knew that tagline would come back and bite me in the ass sooner or later.