Monday, 23 March 2009

Slient Auction Ssshhh!!

View of the Silent Auction Exhibition in the Foyer of the Art block in Uni

The Second part of the Exhibition in the Lift Room of the Foyer


'The Blinding'
Spraypaint on Paper

'Elliott - Sketch'
Spraypaint on Paper

'I am Doll Parts'
Mixed Media

'Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic'
Acrylic, Marker Pen and Barbie

'I'm a Barbie Girl'
Acrylic, Marker Pen and Barbie

'He Came Home'
Woodcut on Fabric with Thread

'Keep Fishin'
Acrylic on Photocopy

'I Have Confidence in My Chainsaw'
Acrylic, Fabric and Machine Embroidery on Board

We're having a Silent Auction in Uni to try raise money for the Degree Show, Katy from my year has organized it, and I helped her and Jude hang the work for the Exhibition, where the work will be displayed so people can have a good look at what their bidding on, I'm told it's all just like ebay - people enter their bid and at the end we can chose to accept the highest bid, simple.
The work I submitted for the auction came up against the usual barrage of 'moral outrage' - some of it is apparently too "creepy" to go in the main foyer so I had to put half up in the Lift Room - out of sight, but I suppose its a fair point, God forbid someone actually does something different. Another point raised about my work is the fact I'm catering to a 'niche market', only a "certain type of person" [a nice way of saying "sick and twisted"] will want to buy my work, I was given no clues as to what these people would look like or where to find them? Someone else asked me who would possibly want to buy the Barbie's I'd altered? and where on earth would they put them if they did buy them? Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, I should however point out that I don't really think about who'll buy my work or where it sits in the art world whilst I'm making it, I just make it for myself and hope someone will like it enough to either plonk it in a gallery or buy it, which if I've understood correctly is wrong, but what the heck it's too late to do anything bout it now!

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