Friday, 24 April 2009

Stairway to Heaven

Over Easter I took advantage of the fact that Uni was abandoned and tried out my "wallpaper" on the stairs in the main reception. I have actually requested the stairs as part of my allocated space for the Degree Show, so I thought it best to at least try it before its too late to change the plans.
I basically cut up one of the giant pieces I used in the Project Space and used masking tape to secure it to the backs of the steps, so that you'd only be able to see the pattern it creates when your stood at the bottom, about to make your journey up the stairs - which will mirror the transition from childhood to adulthood that the "wallpaper" represents - you physically have to make that transition as you walk up the stairs.
If I get the space for the Degree Show I'll need to re-work the divide between the colouring books and the neon photocopies, the blend between them needs adapting for the stairs, but if I use these stairs there's two flights so I could stretch it over both sets.
I did however encounter one problem whilst sat happily playing on the stairs - an overly zealous Caretaker, who demanded to know what I was doing and who'd given me permission to to something so dangerous?? Apparently sticking paper on the bits of steps people can't physically walk on is a health and safety hazard, especially when absolutely no-one is in Uni or using the stairs. He ordered me to remove the dangerous artwork immediately in case someone fell, but I of course made him wait until I'd finished and taken photos, I wasn't wasting all that hard work.
So I'm pretty doubtful I'll be allowed to do this for the Degree Show, I'll have to wait and see ...

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  1. ahh this is really interesting, i like the un coloured images.