Monday, 27 April 2009

Stephen King Rules

I may have said before that I'm a bit of a Geek when it comes to Stephen King, I totally love his writing [when I was in Primary I went through a phase when I wanted to be him when I grew up] A lot of the descriptions of the locations in his books remind me of where I live, and the some of the stories concerning children remind me of events in my own childhood ['IT', 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon', and 'The Body' in particular] So I'm naturally inspired by his work, and have used it as references for my own, especially this year. It's not just his writing I've used for inspiration but the cover art on his books. I prefer the older covers [I mainly buy used books so tend to get older covers anyways] I love the illustrative painterly quality to the covers, they've been done in an almost hyper-realistic manner, making them more frightening - too me they straddle the divide between real and unreal which is quite unsettling, and its a style I've strived for in my own painting ...

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