Sunday, 3 May 2009

Abandon Ship - Gallows

Gonna post some songs that I've listened to quite heavily this past year and have inspired this body of work in one way or another, i always tend to use lyrics, quotes, lines from books/films etc as titles for my pieces, and some lines from these songs will no doubt wind up as titles.

First song is 'Abandon Ship' by the Gallows, the sound quality isn't really up to scratch on this, ideally its needs to be listened to with decent headphones as loud as humanly possible. Although alot of people will only hear 'noise' as my mam would call it, the song too me actually sounds like a sinking ship and the emotion in Frank's voice, especially when he sings the 'Ladies and Gentlemen' line [at the 2.12 mark] that bit really gives me shivers! [and yes it does remind me of my boat trip]

I do have to admit that the very first I heard the song I was convinced it opened with the line "Matey Matey" as in the bubblebath, but by the next listen I realized it was in fact "Mayday Mayday", which disappointed me slightly...

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