Friday, 29 May 2009

Apocalypse Please

Views of the Wheatpaste Installation 'Apocalypse Please'

It took me over a week to paste up all the neon photocopies and the colouring books - since i was being super careful getting it up straight using a spirit level, the changed pattern works much better than the original patterns from the project space and I'm beyond pleased with the finished result. I've had really positive reactions from people about it, most do seem a bit apprehensive of walking on it, but thanks to two coats of varnish its holding up pretty darn well, the initial reaction is usually how colourful and overwhelming it is, then they get drawn into reading the text and looking closely at the images and realize the works true message. Thankfully I was given an awesome space to exhibit it so I've been able to adapt the wheatpaste to fill the space, and it creates the impact I wanted, thanks mainly to the high wall, which means the majority of people have to look up like a child.
So over all I'm ridiculously happy with my degree show, after a pretty hard year [difficult for oh so many reasons] its a relief to finish and even more of relief that its all come together...

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