Thursday, 7 May 2009

Be Quiet and Drive, I Don't Care Were Just Far

"Be Quiet and Drive, I Don't Care Were Just Far"
Acrylic and Spraypaint on Board

When I was little my Uncle Joe had a Lada [he had two in fact a yellow one and a blue one] I loved going in the car, it was massive inside it felt like I was sat in a tank, unfortunately I used to get car-sick every time I went in it. When he got the Blue Lada I noticed it had a tail, well a black and white striped plastic tail hanging from the rear bumper, I asked Joe why it had a tail and he replied it was to stop me getting car-sick, and it worked, I was never car-sick in his car again. I'm not sure what the tail was really for, apparently it was something to do with reducing static, a big part of me doesn't want to find out for sure as it'll shatter my illusions, I want to uphold my childhood belief that the car was protecting me, I always felt extremely safe when I was in there, so in the painting the car has become a symbol of that protection, standing up to threat of the stormy sky. I suppose I have a romantic notion of the car been like an anti-Christine, a car that will look out for me rather than try mow me down...

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