Friday, 29 May 2009

Degree Show

View of my Degree Show Exhibition space, the wheatpaste installation and the paintings

It's finally all up after alot of thinking and measuring the walls, then hanging and rehanging its all up and I'm beyond happy with the way it's all turned out. However I underestimated just how difficult hanging paintings actually is, my initial idea that its just chucking paintings up on the wall how hard can it be? proved somewhat naive, I'd managed 5 of them alright then the last 4 became a nightmare. But thanks to Wendy, Trace and Ewart's advice, I got the others up and they do look good [modest] it did nearly all end in tears when I accidentally kicked the drill over and it dented the painting of the car, thankfully I fixed it [God bless neon acrylic!] Wendy did nearly have kittens when I kicked the drill though [it was funny in hindsight] but no diva tantrums I just got the paint out and all is well. It is actually quite surprising how different the paintings look in a 'gallery' context, the white walls have definitely made the colours stand out and the light flooding in from the windows makes the neon spray paint I dusted areas of the paintings with really glow.
I literally couldn't be happier with the way its all come together, and more importantly I've done it all my own way and on my own terms, but then that's nothing new really...

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