Thursday, 7 May 2009

I Used to be a Little Boy, So Old in My Youth.

"I Used to be a Little Boy, So Old in my Youth"
Acrylic and Spraypaint on Board

In the woods at the backs of our house is a rope swing, its been there for years, and predates even my childhood, each time it broke a new swing replaced it. It was blue when I was a kid and along with the park on my estate it was where I spent most of my time. For the longest amount of time I was scared to go on the swing, fearing I'd fall off, and stupidly the first time I did actually pluck up the courage to go on it I was alone, I didn't fall, and the next time I went there with my mates I took my turn and for once actually enjoyed the lack of control, that was until Adele fell off it, she was alright, but I didn't go on it again.
I went back to the swing last summer when I was preparing for this body of work, to take photos and revisit my childhood [facing fears etc] and was disappointed to find the swing broken waiting for the next generation to rebuild it. The old blue rope from 'our' swing is still there, I've painted it to try preserve its memory, to remember all the time I spent playing there, and also to document the one time I actually faced a fear head on and jumped in.

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