Saturday, 30 May 2009

It's Over

The Private View, hang on it seems strange to call something that's widely advertised and open to anyone private - don't get it, maybe its just me been thick? Anyway Private View was last night, I wasn't fussed about going, I don't drink so the appeal of free wine is lost on me, but I'm glad I did, mainly chatted with people, had a good old nosy at other peoples work, but the best part was secretly spying on peoples reactions to my work, I didn't hear any negative comments [after a whole year of that its nice to have a change] quite a few people have asked me if the Fisherman painting has any Religious significance [Noah is the most comment comparison] it does and it doesn't is the only way I can answer that question, but its always really interesting to hear peoples ideas and theories about the work, and I was stoked to see one lad taking pictures of the Fisherman painting and then spending ages looking at the painting smiling, its always nice when someone appreciates something you've worked super hard on. The best thing about the night was the realization that I am finished in Uni. Yeah!

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