Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I've Started So I'll Finish...

Thought I'd post some photos I took today whilst setting my space up ready for the assessments next week, and then the Degree Show [which opens a week on Friday, i think - shows how clued up I am] managed to get my wall wheatpasted on Monday, it took the whole day to do, but it was worth all the effort it works really well, I'm just waiting for the hardboard to go down on the floor so i can continue the pattern down, so that it starts off on the floor then builds up the wall [you know the drill by now I've talked about it often enough on here] I've changed the pattern slightly and instead of a zigzag join between the two kinds of papers I've pasted the colouring books in a pyramid pattern to emphasise the fact that they're moving up the wall, and its made a real difference to the over-all look, and the message of the work. I spent two whole hours cutting out images from the colouring books to play in the 'neon real world' and they're all up on the wall now frolicking amongst the mushroom clouds!
I've arranged my paintings around the rest of the walls and they follow a sequence from the initial boat trip that inspired the work right through to my uncle's car that i sought protection in, my helper Emma helped me to measure and figure out the spacings of the paintings and we managed to hang a couple of them before the drill packed in. So far its looking pretty good, just got some paperwork to sort out, it's been getting on for 8pm when I'm strolling in from uni so gonna have to set aside a day off to get all that sorted. Quite looking forward to the end so I can have a break and finally get to Manchester to see the Joe Simpson Exhibition!

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