Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is the Captain of Your Ship ... I'm Sorry... We Depart This Way.

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is the Captain of your ship.

I'm Sorry ... We depart this way.

Acrylic and Spraypaint on Board

This composition for this painting comes from a photo taken from Carreg Yr Groes of the little boat that travels up and down the Conwy River. When I was 6 we went on it as part of school trip, as soon as we started sailing, i became hysterical and convinced the boat was going to sink and we'd all drown, then i managed to convince my cousin Sarah, we both sat clinging onto each other in floods of tears terrified we'd die. For me it was the first time I was ever aware of my own mortality, and it was one of the main factors behind my nightmares. So the painting here became more of a documentation of that event, a revisiting of sorts. Only the boat is here heading back towards Conwy suggesting that it will make it back, however I purposefully sprayed the sky to glow in the middle almost like the boat is heading towards the light [as in 'go towards the light']. The sky came from photos I'd taken of sunset in the village, the pictures are on here somewhere [as are my reasons of liking them so much] and also reference the sky from the cover of Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' - when I was little I used to love going to my mates houses and hearing their older brothers and sisters playing Maiden, Metallica, Sabbath etc, and luckily my neighbour used to play it out of his bedroom window, and the artwork always fascinated me. So the painting has become a symbol of the origin of my fears, yet with references rooted in comforting images and music [odd that a kid would find comfort in Metallica but that's me]

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