Sunday, 3 May 2009

Laura Marling

I totally fell in love with Laura Marling last summer, then got my friend Meg hooked on her album, which was played countless times on our way to uni [good times] not only do I love Laura, but I also love her music. Her debut album 'Alas, I Cannot Swim' has been super important to my work, it was one of the key influences for the work before Christmas when I was using water as a metaphor for death, and its still equally as important to the post-xmas work. The album deals with notions of fear holding you back in your life, and the different guises fear can take, these 3 songs have probabley been the most inspirational, the lyrics to 'My Manic & I' especially, it informed many of the choices I made whilst painting the skeleton holding the 'End is Nigh' sign - the title of which is a line from the song ["Morning is mocking me. Blood hit the sky"]

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