Thursday, 7 May 2009

Morning Is Mocking Me, Blood Hit The Sky. [It's The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine]

Morning Is Mocking Me, Blood Hit The Sky
[It's The End of the World as We Know It, And I Feel Fine]
Acrylic, Spraypaint and Papercut on Board

The composition for this piece came from an old photo I found of my Mam and Dad which was taken on a family day out to a little beach in our village. The beach [its more of a cove] is called Carreg Yr Groes, mainly because of the big rock that sticks out into the River. We used to go there for picnics when I was little, its quite a trek to get to it, you have to cross the train track and struggle through a wood but its a beautiful little hide away and you have a stunning view down to Conwy and up the Valley, years later when I read Stephen King's 'The Body' [the film version 'Stand By Me'] I was reminded of the journey to get to the beach.
I have incredible memories of days spent there so I wanted to use them and the location as a comforting reference, then have then dark blood red sky threatening the scene. The Skeleton was a labour of love to draw and get onto the painting, after been given a one legged armless and headless skeleton to draw from I had to consult the anatomy books, and painting it proved difficult so i ended up drawing and cutting it out then carefully collaging it onto the painting.
I wanted some kind of overt reference to the Apocalyptic theme of the work, and "The End is Nigh" sign was the perfect choice, I had a frightening experience with a man brandishing one of them signs in my local town and had leaflets outlining why i was going to Hell thrust into my ten year old hands, so another memory thrown into the mix.
I chose to have the skeleton neon yellow, firstly to make it stand out, but also to give the impression that the colour and sign are the result of some kind of nuclear/atomic bomb, accident etc, we had a man who helped in the orphanages surrounding Chernobyl come to talk to us in Primary School, he told us all about the power plant disaster, and we all took tins of food in for the children [I took in Alphabet Spaghetti that my Mam had got for me to eat but I didn't like them so I took the tin in for the orphans, and felt so guilty afterwards, I felt really bad that i was giving the children food I didn't like instead of something nice, but hopefully someone liked it, i still feel awful about that even now] we also learnt of the effect the fallout had on sheep and the landscape of Wales which terrified me to my very core, so the skeleton has shades of that story to it...

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