Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Space [Is Ace]

Got allocated our spaces for the Degree Show today, and for once i was pleasantly surprised! I have a pretty big space to fill. Its basically two large cubicles opposite each other, with a walk way through the middle to allow access to the other spaces. I've actually got windows for the first time ever in my space! two really tall windows that let in loads of light - so that when the sunlight hits the paintings they'll hopefully glow [God Bless Neon Spraypaint], and best of all my space is potentially one the first spaces you'll see as you come in from the lift! so i am well chuffed with my space.
We get assigned "helpers" from the first and second years to prepare and paint our spaces which after three years of having to do that myself for shows its a welcome break! my helper is a girl called Emma from the Second year who does the most beautiful pencil drawings [quite jealous!]
I've decided in my space to wheatpaste the biggest wall opposite the windows with the colouring books and neon photocopies, and then have my paintings run around the rest of the walls - in a sequence.
Just got to get all my photocoping done and cut the colourbooks, then once the walls are painted and the floor cleaned i can start pasting!

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