Friday, 8 May 2009

Son, What Have You Done? You're Caught By The River, You're Coming Undone

"Son, What have you done? You're caught by the river, You're coming undone"
Acrylic and Spraypaint on Board

The first pets I remember dying where the two goldfish that jumped out of their tub when my Mam was changing the water. She was changing them on the patio, and had just put them into a spare tub while she cleaned the main bowl, then the phone rang. After a lengthy telephone conversation she went back out to get the bowl in, and kept the cleaning things. She failed to notice the two dead goldfish on the wall.
The next morning I went out to play on our patio and discovered the fish, we realized what had happened and noticed that the bowl in the house contained no fish.
The concept of death was explained to me, and we held a funeral for the departed fish. I still think of the fish from time to time, we've had many fish over the years but they where my favourite.

I see the fish in the painting as a personification of the fears i had [and still have if I'm honest] of losing those closest to me, I quickly realized learnt on that summer morning when I ran out to play that life is fragile and fleeting, quite a deep and painful lesson to learn when all you intended to do that day was kick a ball against the patio door...

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