Friday, 26 June 2009

This Is Not a Photo Opportunity

Finally made it home from Bristol after spending nearly 10 hours of my life either on a train or sat waiting in a train station. However the epic journey was well worth it. I cannot really fault the actual work in the exhibition, its what you'd expect from Banksy, funny, witty, clever social commentary coupled with copyright infringing imagery culled from popular culture, I can however find fault with the Museum.
I did manage to shoot myself in the foot by choosing to visit on the same day as the University of Bristol's Open Day [which is next door to the museum] the place was filled with teenage girls in over sized sunglasses and massive handbags, all talking in over-the-top American accents, and groups of lads aimlessly following said girls around. This would of been fine if they'd stayed at the Open Day, but the majority of them wound up inside the Museum, with the sole aim of going on a 'Banksy Treasure Hunt', ignoring all the Museum's Collection, entering rooms solely to find "the funny stuff". I don't have a problem with that per se, I just wished I didn't have to put up with a whole afternoon of it.
The main purpose of this rant is actually against the Museum, nearly every gallery and museum I've ever been to have had a photography ban, especially those which house quite old collections of oil paintings etc. The Museum of Bristol apparently doesn't place much value on its collection and lets people take pictures. My above bitch about people only been interested in the Banksy work means that chances are the main collection didn't get photographed much, so didn't get damaged, that however is not the crux if my argument. Because near enough everyone apart from me was taking photos, you literally couldn't move without walking in front of someone taking photos, and getting annoyed with you for ruining their picture. In first room of Banksy's work, the one I was most interested in because in has his stencilled work, stencils and sketches, was a nightmare thanks to all the camera's, I keep getting asked to move or tutted at if I went up close to a piece because people where trying to take photos!! By the end of the day I started getting in the way purely for fun! The photo situation did actually remind me of the stencil Banksy sprayed near famous monuments saying 'This is not a photo opportunity', it seems apt for the exhibition too.
Enough ranting, the work as I said was awesome, and I am beyond glad that I went, I was really stoked to see his stencils and sketches, but the Sculpture of the 'Angel of the North' and the Chicken Nuggets, and the rabbit playing with make-up where personal favourites [Google them I'm sure someone will have posted photos of them.]

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

There's Only One More Sleep Til Banksy...

Nearly peeing myself with excitement since tomorrow is the day I go to see the Banksy Exhibition in Bristol!!! And I literally cannot wait, its like waiting for Christmas, chances are I won't sleep tonight...

Just found this photo from the Exhibition on Juxtapoz website, my friend Meg was trying to quote this quote to Me and Susie the other week but couldn't quite remember it, I've always liked this quote, especially given my history of copyright infringement and my stealing of ideas and images...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I am so scared! I don't know what's out there

Pencil on Paper

Spent the afternoon working on the poster for the next life drawing, its gonna have a camping theme, so I've decided to rip off the poster for the 'Blair Witch Project', so I've redrawn Heather from the cover, just got to figure out how to replace the original photo with my drawing? answers on a postard please?

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Almost There - Joe Simpson

After waiting for over a year and a half for the exhibition to open I finally got to see it today! The exhibition in question is 'Almost There' by Joe Simpson.
I first saw his work in a tiny gallery that we visited during the first year of the degree, and instantly became obsessed with the work, the work made me think of all sorts of films, music and books, and I spent that night trawling the Internet for information on the artist. A bit of sleuthing told me that he was planning a series of paintings depicting a young mans journey of self-discovery in a 'On the Road' stylie, each painting would be accompanied by a song inspired by the scene and written especially for the piece, for someone like me, who complies a mix-tape to accompany my own work [however mine is really for my own use] and whose work is so heavily inspired by music, films etc I was over the moon to find someone with a similar methodology.
I was incredibly excited about the exhibition and was worried it wouldn't live up to my ridiculously high expectations, but it did. The paintings themselves are excellent and I really like the idea of a narrative within them - with a journey developing over the course of the series. The idea of soundtracking works beautifully with the paintings since they're composed in such a filmic way it seems so natural, I am totally obsessed with the work and the soundtrack [especially Mike Braye's track 'journey on']

links to to the exhibition site and Joe's blog

and the 'trailer' for the exhibition

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I Followed The Waves...

"I Followed the Waves..."
Papercut on Foamboard and Spraypaint

Details of "I Followed the Waves"

The last Papercut I did, By then I felt I'd done all I could with cutting so after some research I developed it into the wheatpasting [its all on here in previous posts...]


I took the drawings of the Clown and developed them further in the Enid Blyton book, then after researching Swoon and Amie Dicke I started to produce papercuts, it all hinged on the idea of the destruction of childhood innocence, the Enid Blyton books represented childhood and the cutting to produce waves the destruction, but this was all too subtle and they ended up looking pretty rather than menacing, and I was finding it increasing difficult to get my message across with the papercuts so I eventually concentrated on painting, and the wheatpasting evolved from the ashes of the papercuts...

The Adventures of Pip

All Marker and Ink on Paper

My friend Dewi sent me some old Enid Blyton books for my birthday, one was a red pretend leather bound one called "The Adventures of Pip", I wasn't too keen on the story but I really liked the look of the book [hey that rhymes] so I started drawing in it [the main reasoning been the idea of using the book as a symbol for childhood innocence] I began to develop the drawings of the clown - along with my Mam's Welsh Lady Doll and my Rocking Horse from when I was a kid. Whilst sat drawing I noticed that the Clown's hair was beginning to resemble waves, which I then started to work into the sketches, it was this that prompted the papercuts...


Just spent the entire afternoon sorting through the piles of crap I dragged home from my studio space in Uni, I've filled the paper recycling bag, and the best part of a bin bag, it's not even work that i've lugged home [that's all in a portofolio] I don't recongize over half of what I found in the piles, anyways, it's gone now!
After looking back on the work I did before Christmas I thought I'd post some pictures of what I did back when I hated Uni with a passion and bearly spent any time there [HMV across the road did rather well during those months] it's really the starting points of the work I went on to produce. The drawings are of a Clown I had [still have - its the same one I painted in the mill pond] just quick sketches, that I eventually went on to refine and develop into the papercuts...

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Middle

Jimmy Eat World 'The Middle'

With out this song I would have most definitely walked out of Uni and never gone back.

The song says it all really, just took it as ridiculously good advice, got my head down, didn't listen to all the negative crap, and just concentrated on my work.

I think it all payed off.


Incubus 'Drive'

Brings back oh so many memories, such a hopeful song, and a wicked video

I Can Climb Mountains

Hell is for Heroes' 'I Can Climb Mountains'

I feel a particular affinity with the lines

"I can spit further than you can hurl
And i can swallow failure just to learn
And i can build bridges from, what you burn..."

pretty much sum my feelings after certain tutorials this year...


Muse's 'Invincible'

Which has an awesome video aswell

Once More With Feeling

Now that I've finished Uni and don't really have to go back [except to pick up my paintings] I thought I'd share 'the songs that saved my life' [to quote The Smiths] well actually 'the songs that stopped me from jacking in Uni'. These songs kept me sat in my studio space where I let the idea that I was right to follow my own ideas, influences and inspirations, fester away and I believe I was right to do so [naturally]. I've already posted Santogold's 'L.E.S Artistes' as a response to the pretension I've encounter over this year, and how I adopted the song as a personal anthem, well the 5 songs I'm about to post are the other ones that achieved that status, all of them pushed along in their own way and at different points have inspired me to carry on making work that's mine, my own way. They sort of acted as a kick-up-the-arse, and they where all played to death on my ipod this year, so enjoy...

First up Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly's 'Once More With Feeling'