Saturday, 6 June 2009


Just spent the entire afternoon sorting through the piles of crap I dragged home from my studio space in Uni, I've filled the paper recycling bag, and the best part of a bin bag, it's not even work that i've lugged home [that's all in a portofolio] I don't recongize over half of what I found in the piles, anyways, it's gone now!
After looking back on the work I did before Christmas I thought I'd post some pictures of what I did back when I hated Uni with a passion and bearly spent any time there [HMV across the road did rather well during those months] it's really the starting points of the work I went on to produce. The drawings are of a Clown I had [still have - its the same one I painted in the mill pond] just quick sketches, that I eventually went on to refine and develop into the papercuts...

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