Friday, 26 June 2009

This Is Not a Photo Opportunity

Finally made it home from Bristol after spending nearly 10 hours of my life either on a train or sat waiting in a train station. However the epic journey was well worth it. I cannot really fault the actual work in the exhibition, its what you'd expect from Banksy, funny, witty, clever social commentary coupled with copyright infringing imagery culled from popular culture, I can however find fault with the Museum.
I did manage to shoot myself in the foot by choosing to visit on the same day as the University of Bristol's Open Day [which is next door to the museum] the place was filled with teenage girls in over sized sunglasses and massive handbags, all talking in over-the-top American accents, and groups of lads aimlessly following said girls around. This would of been fine if they'd stayed at the Open Day, but the majority of them wound up inside the Museum, with the sole aim of going on a 'Banksy Treasure Hunt', ignoring all the Museum's Collection, entering rooms solely to find "the funny stuff". I don't have a problem with that per se, I just wished I didn't have to put up with a whole afternoon of it.
The main purpose of this rant is actually against the Museum, nearly every gallery and museum I've ever been to have had a photography ban, especially those which house quite old collections of oil paintings etc. The Museum of Bristol apparently doesn't place much value on its collection and lets people take pictures. My above bitch about people only been interested in the Banksy work means that chances are the main collection didn't get photographed much, so didn't get damaged, that however is not the crux if my argument. Because near enough everyone apart from me was taking photos, you literally couldn't move without walking in front of someone taking photos, and getting annoyed with you for ruining their picture. In first room of Banksy's work, the one I was most interested in because in has his stencilled work, stencils and sketches, was a nightmare thanks to all the camera's, I keep getting asked to move or tutted at if I went up close to a piece because people where trying to take photos!! By the end of the day I started getting in the way purely for fun! The photo situation did actually remind me of the stencil Banksy sprayed near famous monuments saying 'This is not a photo opportunity', it seems apt for the exhibition too.
Enough ranting, the work as I said was awesome, and I am beyond glad that I went, I was really stoked to see his stencils and sketches, but the Sculpture of the 'Angel of the North' and the Chicken Nuggets, and the rabbit playing with make-up where personal favourites [Google them I'm sure someone will have posted photos of them.]

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