Friday, 24 July 2009

Boy Wonder

I found Boy Wonder's account on Flickr whilst doing some research for the Seaside Alternative Life Drawing, and was in awe of his genuis of creating cardboard and paper props to pose with in his photos - which are of course posted on Flickr, so that very day I embarked on a paper mache adventure to make props for Life Drawing, so hopefully I'll have a crab and Baywatch Style life guard float ready for the next one, and Boy Wonder's use of cardboard has already given me crazy ideas for future Life Drawing sessions!!

heres links to 2 of my favourite photos/props from Boy Wonder - theres loads of different photos and props on there so be warned you could be on there for ages...

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Brick Lane

Photos I took on Brick Lane whilst looking for the StolenSpace Gallery, was majorly chuffed to see one of Eine's Letters, but was gutted that I Couldn't find the graffiti left by Jeff Soto, maybe next time!

4th Plinth

Saw the 4th plinth whilst in London, to be honest Gormley's idea wasn't my favourite that was put forward - i really liked Yinka Shonibare's idea of Nelson's ship in the bottle [here's the link] i do however like how he's taken Warhol's idea that we'll all have 15 minutes of fame and applied it to the masses, some critics I've read have dismissed the idea as "art for the Big Brother generation" - i don't see anything wrong with that, the people stood on the plinth have put art into the public eye and got them talking about art, so i don't really see how that's a bad thing?

I have no idea what the woman was actually doing on the plinth, she was reading out something but i couldn't hear it from down below. I did want to shout "Jump" but managed to resist in case the crowd turned on me.

My friend tried to point out various landmarks while we were wandering around the plinth but I saw a pigeon on top of a statue head [see pic] and was more interested in that - i did secretly wish for the bird to land on the woman on the plinth but that didn't happened [probably for the best]


Went to London yesterday, but since i couldn't get two days off from work that where stuck together it had to be a day trip, but managed to pack a whole heap into one day!
I primarily went to see my friend Wendy, who was taking part in New Designers, so first stop was mooching around the 3 floors of New Designers - the textiles where awesome!
Top of my wish list was StolenSpace gallery on Brick Lane - They represent loads of the artists featured in Juxtapoz magazine and pioneer the so called "low brow" art movement, their summer show was on and was amazing, I could of actually spent all day there - they had some damn fine work there and it was brilliant to see work by artists I'd only seen in magazines - especially Mr Jago, Miss Van and the Kris Kuksi sculpture was f-ing amazing!! [also managed to sneek a peek at a load of D*Face's work hidden in an office by peeping through the office window]
After much zig-zagging across the tube and walking miles we covered a lot of the city, had a quick peek round the National Portrait Gallery [the Maggi Hambling exhibition is pretty great!] saw the 4th plinth etc etc. Was knackered by the time I got home but it was totally worth it!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Got my results today and am pretty damn chuffed with it [2:1] so I'm now qualified to make art. Just need to get a studio sorted so i can carry on...