Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm So Excited!!

Over the past few weeks I've been pretty busy with regular "Real World" work and also getting some ideas down in my sketchbook for a new set of paintings/stencils for me to take to show a lady who runs a cafe in sunny Llandudno, she asked me to take some work in to show her [with the view to exhibit] a few weeks ago when I called in to ask if I could put a poster up for the 'Alternative Life Drawing' classes, so finally went back today and have managed to score my very first one-man show! I don't want to boast - I'm just excited! I have 6 weeks to get my new work ready for the exhibition, I hang it on November 2nd so it'll be up in the cafe the next day for the rest of November!! Will post some photos and more info soon :)

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