Monday, 31 August 2009

Just Grow The Hell Up Badge!

I've had a bit of a crap month and am quite happy it's ending, lots of things have contributed to this general feeling of crapness, the main one is the lack of a studio or workspace, coupled with the fact I've had to register myself as Self-Employed and then the Mail Man pushed a Jury Summons through my door! I spend a portion of the month wallowing in self pity and trying to pry the cold tentacle of the "Real World" from around my ankle before it dragged me off into the land of Mortgages, Taxes and Civil Servants [I don't even know what a Civil Servant is? other than Beetlejuice informs me that people who commit suicide become them in the Afterlife].
So I moped around, felt sorry for myself and basically reverted to my 14 year old self, I blamed everyone and everything for the lack of a studio and the rest of my "so called problems" [from Uni right through to Terrorists] before a meeting with my friend Melly made me realize that pretty much all art graduates are in the same boat as me. SO long story short I gave myself a good talking too, cleared my desk of all the junk that's been squatting there for the past year and made myself a tiny space [in my already tiny bedroom] in which to work, don't think I'll be able to paint much but I can draw!!!!
Another encounter with my best friend Annmarie gave me multiple ideas and a few leads to follow up [but I don't wanna say too much just yet...] so after what seems like forever I am actually sat down at my desk drawing and fucking loving every second of it!! And the best part no group crits or pretentious know-it-all tutors!!!

Rant over

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