Saturday, 10 October 2009


I've been super busy the past couple of weeks working nearly every morning, then splitting the rest of my day between sorting out the Alternative Life Drawing Classes and getting my new work ready for my exhibition, so lots of drawing, re-drawing sketching and painstakingly cutting out stencils, then of course spraying them - on a freezing cold afternoon; although it looks really sunny in the photo's above, it was actually really cold and damp! all the proofs are done and I'm nearly ready to start the actual paintings. I went for the plywood the other day, which took some time since i wanted to make sure I picked out the nicest grain on each piece, getting splinters at the same time, I'm kind of using Audrey Kawasaki [] as a reference - bringing in the wood's natural grain as a feature of the painting [well if it goes to plan I will be...] I also spent what seemed like forever picking out nail varnish in Superdrug with Annmarie, who thankfully has an encyclopedic knowledge of the stuff, since i can't find spraypaint that looks metallic/neon/iridescent enough for certain parts and figured nail varnish would do the trick, and fortunately Annmarie knows her stuff! It's all just waiting to be put together which will hopefully start happening early next week, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll it be dry tomorrow afternoon so I can cut and sand the wood ready, then I can actually start painting!!

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