Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jeff Soto

I love Jeff's work and have just found his blog - and this rather good video, I'm becoming obsessed with finding out how artists I like actually paint and seeing their studios [it's like an arty version of Hello magazine]

Conor Harrington

I discovered Conor's work in Juxtapoz and loved the clash of graffiti wih more traditional oil painting, and the metaphors created by mixing hip hop culture with Napolionic soldiers. I've just seen his current exhibition at The Lazarides Gallery; "Headless Heroes", and was awestruck by his paintings and sketches, and spent ages pouring over them trying to figure out how he painted certain parts and how he achieved different effects, thankfully he's just posted this video on his blog which explains alot, plus its brilliant to see in side his studio!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

"The Abyss Gazes Also..." - Exhibition in Nineteen

Thought I'd post some pictures from my Exhibition in 'Nineteen' before it finishes on December 1st, and I wanted to say a big Thank You to Laurie for giving me the exhibition and all her help, and to all my friends that I dragged along to see it and the all the nice things they said about it - thankfully there has been no Simon Cowell-esque feedback so far [phew]. A couple of pieces sold before I had a chance to take the photos - which I'm ecstatic about! so a massive Thanks to those who kindly parted with their hard earned cash aswell!!! So basically THANK YOU to everyone really hope you all liked seeing the work...

Friday, 20 November 2009

No More Violence...

I really enjoyed working with Sharon during the summer when she modelled for Alternative Life Drawing, and especially liked some of the Stepford Wives/Serial Mom inspired poses [I know I'm biased since I organized and planned the poses - but Sharon did help to decide the poses] I don't get many chances to sit and draw on the night, and was gutted I didn't have a chance to draw the above pose, thankfully Ewart's Photography skills didn't let me down.
I love the photo, Ewart's skills and lighting coupled with Sharon's frighteningly convincing portrayal of a creepy housewife, make it look pretty scary, but its her eerie gaze that made me want to draw from it, my goal is to turn it into a stencil and get spraying, but the weather is making it difficult to get outside so will put it on the backburner until it gets nicer...

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Whistle While You Work

I decided to give myself a little break after spending weeks and weeks drawing and redrawing, cutting and recutting stencils, then battling the weather to get all the wood cut and sanded, then sprayed, so after many afternoons sat in the cold waiting for layers of paint to dry i finally have be able to sit inside and not suffer paint fumes. I've had near enough a week to myself, I've not been into work much [in the "real world"] because I've had a cold, so on days were i wasn't coughing and sneezing I've been catching up with friends, reading and TV [watching masses of Ugly Betty].
But today marked the end of my mini-break from art, I've spent the day preparing for my next set of work, printing off images, researching etc, BBC 6 Music has sound tracked my day, rather beautifully i might add, just wanted to bore you all with the songs that have put a massive grin on my face today...

I have become quite obsessed with Chapel Club, who frustratedly appear not to have actually released anything yet or have a record deal - according to the interview on Steve Lamacq's show they've only played about 5 shows so far. I've been singing their song "Surfacing" quite a bit at the moment, kind of sounds a bit like White Lies, Editors etc, but on "Surfacing" they put their own twist on "Dream a Little Dream of Me" - its pretty awesome and makes a really sweet and sickly love song into something completely different...


I thought this was Julian Casablancas when I first heard it, but it isn't, it is however a really sweet song, and again a brilliant twist on a classic song - in this case "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", I can't explain how much I love this song right now...

and finally

admittedly not the best song but i like it, it reminds me of Kenickie and of been a 12 year old again [which was about last week]

Right i should go do some work, I'll post some pics as i go along and of my exhibition - just need to actually remember to take my camera ...

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Artist Statement

The Exhibition is up, took just over two hours - Thank You to Laurie for [a] giving me the exhibition and [b] all the help hanging the work! and I was very impressed that Hayley recognized my usage of Brian Molko instantly. Its up until the end of the month in Nineteen in Llandudno, they do real nice food/juice/coffee in case you don't like the work.

Here's the Statement from my Exhibition hopefully it helps explain the work a bit better, was re-reading Alan Moore's 'Watchmen' at the time so thinking a lot about Superheroes and Right and Wrong [especially drawn to the character of Rorschach] and I was listening a lot to Placebo - so Brian Molko was used quite a bit as was his lyrics [as titles]....

“If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you”

Friedrich Nietzsche

"The work displayed is a collection of work produced during my degree and newer pieces created specifically for this exhibition. The work was brought together as a response to the above quote.

The older pieces deal with the fears I developed as a child, centring on the nightmares I suffered and the causes of them. The common denominator in these pieces was a fear of death and an eagerness to understand “The End”. After completing these pieces I came across the Nietzsche quote and began to realize that the research and completion of this project ran parallel to a period of uncertainty within my life, whilst working on the project I found myself embracing the fears I had harboured from childhood and slowly began to slip back into old habits that I’d long since broken - defence mechanisms for coping with the fear.

For me Nietzsche’s prophecy became truth. I found myself consumed by fear once more.

After a period of time I managed to gain some perspective and reading the quote once more gave me the initial idea of focusing upon ‘the gaze’, which evolved into the series of eye paintings. I looked for expressions of sadness and fear, and for people who I believed to be dealing with their own personal fears and set about isolating their fear, trapping it within an everlasting gaze. The woods natural grain was used to mimic the faces lines and blemishes and to contrast with the stillness of the expression. As I painted I slowly began to see a change in the expressions, they started to appear almost hopeful and they transformed into expressions of hope rather than fear, and of defiance in the face of the abyss…"