Thursday, 11 February 2010

Punk Forever

Photos I took of the Exhibition "Punk Forever" at Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery, Bangor. Featuring the work of Jamie Reid and James Cauty [and others - but I mainly took pics of those two] Apologises for the crap quality of the photos, I was trying not to get noticed taking photos [seems pointless now that I've posted them on here?] and the gallery is really bright - theres windows everywere so reflections are a major issue, plus I'm just shit at taking pictures!

I Went to pick up my rejected paintings from the Gallery - they didn't get into the Open Exhibition :( but the day had a silver lining. I managed to see the 'Punk Forever' exhibition, and I highly recommend it [I think it could be the best thing I've ever seen in a North Wales Gallery - but then I do love the bands featured in the exhibition aswell as the art] anyways one of the main artists in the exhibition is the legend Jamie Reid [He designed the artwork for the Sex Pistols to those of you who don't know] he was giving a lecture there that night, and he happened to be there while i was snooping about!! I bumped into him in the doorway to the room were my work was, but just as soon as I realized who he was [but before I could speak] some bloke from the gallery whisked him away into a 'staff only' zone [the fucker!] but I breathed the same air as Jamie Reid! I'm happy!! Gutted I didn't have the chance to [a] say 'hey' and maybe get a photo with him and [b] make an idiot out of myself and show him my work :( nevermind, suppose its for the best!

Here's a link to the exhibitions website:

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  1. Hey - many thanks for coming along to see Punk Forever. Glad you enjoyed it!