Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Action Man: The Greatest Hero of Them All

Finally finished the last layers of white on the dolls and horses [takes bout 5/6 layers of white acrylic to cover them - very time consuming] so I can start drawing in the skeleton, I'd forgotten just how difficult it was trying to make a human skeleton fit onto an over idealized toy, but Action Man kind of seems more realistic than Barbie - it would certainly be great to paint on the muscle tones [skinned] so I think that might be my next one, just need to have a hunt for some more dolls. I do feel slightly weird going to charity shops and buying dolls, I have had some strange looks [well stranger than usual] its worse when I try explain what I do to them...

[apologizes for dodgy photo quality - the lighting in my room isn't the greatest especially for taking pictures]

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