Sunday, 28 March 2010

Muscle and Bone..

I started work on the action man doll ages ago [seems longer than it actually is] but its caused me a few problems, which of course didn't happen until I began drawing on it! first off I had to fill in the hip joint, all the joints on the painted side where glued into position before I painted the white layer, but it wasn't until I went to draw the pelvis that I realized how much of a gap there is on the hip joint so that got filled in, repainted etc, then I drew the skeleton on, but because he's so overly muscly it just looked tiny and stupid, so last night I had a major re-think [he very nearly became a Terminator - maybe next time] and decided to use a mixture of muscle and bone - mainly because I love the drawings in the anatomy book I'm working from, and I'm pretty chuffed with the results so far.
About to start work on the back [again muscle and bone] then I can paint in the detail and ink it all, that's the part I'm a bit afraid of, really don't want to fuck the whole thing up!!

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