Friday, 23 April 2010


Home after my Birmingham adventure [decided a needed a break and an adventure] Loved the spraypaint shop [bench504] it was like a ye ole stylie sweet shop that sold sprayp
aint! The gallery/museum is well worth a look if your ever in b'ham, pretty good collection - esp the Pre-Raphaelite stuff!
Fell in love with "Medea" by Fredrick Sandys, and also really liked the Walter Langley's they had there - mainly showing the aftermath of shipwrecks from the women's perspective. Well worth the journey!!
Saw heaps of awesome graffiti whilst wandering the streets looking for the Custard Factory [where the Spraypaint shop was] the above photo was a piece that really caught my eye and made me smile [especially since I'd just brought a mass of the same stickers to label my prints with]

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