Thursday, 13 May 2010

Marcia Marcia Marcia

I was working on "Marcia" alongside the Horses with the intention of it been ready for the next change over in Oriel Scala, however it didn't go quite to plan, I sold "Brad" from the gallery and needed to take in a replacement, so I quickly finished off "Marcia" and planned to take her in sooner as a replacement.
The night before I was due to take her in I decided it would be a great idea to experiment with the final varnish. The dolls are normally finished off with several layers of spray varnish [its actually tough car lacquer] that night I thought I'd see if I could knock back the glossiness of the spray varnish by coating her in a layer of matt varnish. It worked. BUT she became very very sticky/tacky, so I got up early the next morning to re-spray her thinking that in fact I could live with the glossiness after all. However the varnish's had some kind of reaction to each other and the whole thing blistered and started to peel.
So unfortunately "Marcia" is no longer with us. The paint flaked off in big patches and I threw her in the bin in a temper!
This meant I had to rush varnish "Spirit" to take in to replace "Brad". Thankfully I'd taken pictures of "Marcia" before the "accident"! I was majorly pissed off to be honest, mainly for my own foolishness, but also because Marcia [inspired by "Marcia Marcia Marcia" from the Brady Bunch fact-fans!] had become my favourite. Nevermind I've an important lesson, ignore whatever ideas pop into my head late at night while painting!!!

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