Monday, 3 May 2010


Finally finished the second Horse - 'Spirit', again it was a bit of a challenge, and an absolute nightmare to photograph - the red muscle is too dark to show up all the painstakingly drawn on details, but I think they've come out alright - at the end of the day I'm a painter not a photographer :D
Even though it was extremely hard going I've proper enjoyed working on this horse [and the other dolls] and its furthered my interested in anatomy, I've found myself looking at lots of medical websites for ideas!!
There is one tiny problem with the horse and that's it lack of the tip of his ear on the muscle side, but that's the way I brought him from the Charity Shop, I've tried my best to blend it in so its not so noticeable [then go and point it out on here!!] Since I work with 'found' dolls its just the way it goes sometimes, some come in excellent condition, others a bit worn - 'well loved' I think is the expression, whats really important is what I do with them!

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