Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Woo Hoo Studio!

Align CentreCelebrations Ahoy! Nearly have a studio to work in!! Finally convinced my folks to let me use/have half of our brick shed [its basically a garage but the wrong way round and with a regular door instead of a car sized one] the only thing is the roof leaks in several places and the walls have seen better days, sssoooo I've fixed the roof, and patched up the crumbling brickwork and have now started rendering the walls and ceiling, bear in mind I have never rendered before in my life [or fixed a roof] so I'm pretty darn chuffed with my progress so far.
Half will be mine, once its finished, and the other will be my Mam's [its kind of her utility room] but one of the conditions of me using the shed as a studio is that I fix up the whole shed not just my side :( which is why its taking me so long, and why there's not been much activity on here or much art work produced, but I can make up for all that lost time once the studio is finished!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Red Sky At Night....

Spent the day up on the roof painting on bitumen paint and sealing up leaky bits with flashband, whilst finishing off the very last bit and after spending a good few days up on a roof in scorching hot sun getting my very hairy legs caked in bitumen [the only way to get it off was spend ages scrubbing or rip the clumps of tar and hair off - I now have bald patches on my legs!] I noticed the sunset, well my Dad pointed it out to be fair, there was a big cross of reddy-pink across the sky it looked absolutely stunning! Needless to say by the time the camera had been thrown up to me it had faded, but it still looks pretty damn beautiful...

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Chapman Brother's Colouring Book

Saw this exhibition in Llandudno Library [thanks to Megs for the tip!] I urge you all to go see it!!! Its only small but its AMAZING!! I am a bit bias though since I'm a HUGE fan of there work... but come on how often do people like The Chapman Bro's show in Llandudno and in a Library of all places!!! Quick run and see it.... NOW

It's safe to say the Chapman's have been a HUGE influence on my work, I absolutely love their work and seeing it virtually on my doorstep was something pretty darn special :D

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Here are the promised photos of the finished 'Precious'. I may be biased but I am super pleased with her! I actually think she's adorable - hence the name, well I also wanted to give her a cheerful sounding name to juxtapose with her skeletal appearance.
I did have a tiny bit of a problem with her face - the first attempt went horribly wrong and she looked too green [seasick in fact] so I had to basically start all over again [lesson learnt] it was then her eyes that posed the problem, she looked too evil, which isn't the look I was going for - I wanted her to look happy and carefree, so I altered the eyes and added the rosy cheeks and finally I was happy, beyond happy in fact!
My Mam thinks she's a bit too creepy, she's convinced children will have nightmares about her and angry parents will chase me with burning torches and pitchforks, but once I put Precious back into her frilly dress, my Mam started to see where I coming from, that I wanted to make her look as normal as possible despite the fact she's a skeleton.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Precious In Progress...

Whilst searching Charity Shops for dolls I noticed the huge amount of Porcelain Dolls that seemed to end up for sale there. I'm more scared of the porcelain ones than the plastic ones, but on a very long and bumpy bus ride home from a shift in the gallery it dawned on me that the porcelain kind where more lifelike and lifesized and therefore offered more scope for detail etc. So I bravely went out and brought some, once I've painted one white I wasn't so creeped out by them, and once I'd drawn in the skeleton and started painting I found myself starting to like the doll. I think the fact the bones are painted with tones and shadows adds something different to the series of dolls rather than basic looking skeletons drawn on - its more life-like [hopefully]. Once she's finished she'll be back in her frilly dress with her beautiful braids and skeletal smile....

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I used a different type of doll to the ones I usually use for 'Jennifer', She's shorter and worryingly her body is even more anatomically incorrect than the other dolls! Which made it even more of a challenge to fit the skeleton onto her! Inspired by her existing bling, heels and big hair I decided to keep the look and make them a feature [after-all why can't skeletons have style!] The name is also inspired by the over all look and J-Lo's "Jenny from the block" [shameful isn't it!]