Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Woo Hoo Studio!

Align CentreCelebrations Ahoy! Nearly have a studio to work in!! Finally convinced my folks to let me use/have half of our brick shed [its basically a garage but the wrong way round and with a regular door instead of a car sized one] the only thing is the roof leaks in several places and the walls have seen better days, sssoooo I've fixed the roof, and patched up the crumbling brickwork and have now started rendering the walls and ceiling, bear in mind I have never rendered before in my life [or fixed a roof] so I'm pretty darn chuffed with my progress so far.
Half will be mine, once its finished, and the other will be my Mam's [its kind of her utility room] but one of the conditions of me using the shed as a studio is that I fix up the whole shed not just my side :( which is why its taking me so long, and why there's not been much activity on here or much art work produced, but I can make up for all that lost time once the studio is finished!!

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