Thursday, 29 July 2010


Mixed Media

Armed with brushes designed for painting miniatures I began work on painting in the tones, shadows and highlights on the first of the tiny mini doll heads - they literally can't be more than 3 inches high! If I'm completely honest if was actually pretty fun [you know how I love challenges] and I'm really pleased with the finished result, I think the idea is progressing along nicely :)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Preview Evening at Oriel Scala

I've been extremely busy lately helping to organize the new exhibition at Oriel Scala we've invited local graduates from Glyndwr and Llandrillo to join us in the gallery for the month, curating, exhibiting, exhibiting and stewarding the gallery, as a past student of both colleges I'm very happy and excited to able to be apart of this exciting new initiative! I've also helped in organizing the Preview Evening to open and celebrate it all, its been very hard work but its all worth it!!

More details about the Exhibition and Gallery can be found on the gallery's blog:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Dolls in Progress

I got these two minature doll heads a while back and have finally gotten round to doing something with them! I've decided to set myself a little challenge and paint them in a similar fashion to Precious - i.e. realistically, not sure how their going to end up since I haven't painted any of dolls this small before, will post pics soon....

Friday, 16 July 2010

Home Sweet Home :)

Thought I'd post some pics of my finished studio, it took ages to get ready but it's finely watertight and the bricks are no longer crumbling :) its even warm inside now :) I've nearly finished moving in, I just need time to actually get in there and get some work done!!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sylvia Ji

Acrylic and Gold Leaf and Mixed Media on Panel

I saw Sylvia's painting "Warchief" at the Art From the New World Exhibition and fell in love with her painting, I love the way the grain of the wooden panel shows through and the layers of colour, the red especially is very striking, researching her work when I got back I found the 'day of the dead' inspired paintings, very inspiring!!!

Check out more of Sylvia's work at:

Friday, 9 July 2010

Art From The New World

Sarah Folkman
Experiments in Flight #1
Oil on Poplar Panel
Brandi Miline
The Sea of Grief
Acrylic and Ink on Panel

Johnny Rodriguez [KMNDZ]
Heavy Dice
Mixed Media

Mark Ryden
fur Girl
Oil on Canvas

Head Wound IV
Acrylic on Canvas

My main reason for travelling all the way down to Bristol was to see the new exhibition 'Art From The New World' featuring heaps of artists that regularly feature in Juxtapoz Magazine, some of whom had never exhibited in the UK before, I was beyond excited to see the work and I wasn't disappointed!! It was amazing to see such a collection of faultless painters, I was literally left gob-smacked and awe struck, and itching to get home and start painting!!! Posted some photo's of some of my favourites above, I spent hours in the Exhibition and could barely tear myself away, just wish that the Corey Helford Gallery wasn't in L.A then I could be this amazed on a regular basis :);jsessionid=99E9669AC50B0390E3A1F0F7F570F39D.tcwwwaplaws2


Journeyed back down to Bristol to see the exhibition "Art From the New World" in the City Museum [where I went last year to see the Banksy Exhibition] I decided to stay down for the night, avoiding nearly 10 hours on the train, and to see more galleries whilst there. However, it didn't all go to plan :( two of the galleries I really really wanted to see where closed [one for a re-hang and the other just because] bit annoyed and pissed off, especially after one involved a mile and a half walk each way [google maps described it as a 6 minute walk - now I hardly have short legs or walk slow....] but instead of sulking I wandered around the city - something I didn't have time to do last time I was there. I found some really cool tiny galleries covering everything from Graffiti to Glass, and went on a graffiti spotting adventure, stopping to take the occasional photo and getting in the way of all the joggers and getting dirty looks for them as I stood there scoffing Monster Munch....

Sunday, 4 July 2010


I wanted to get my hands on a Spanish Dancer doll ever since I saw some genuine 70's originals in Affleck's Palace in Manchester a few months ago, managed to find two on good old ebay! I got quite excited by the fact I'd be able to show the Skeleton in a completely different pose to the other dolls I've done - the majority of which are just stood straight, It was a bit awkward to draw in her neck because her head is turned at such an angle that once again it made drawing 2D onto something 3D difficult, but after lots of attempts I'm really happy with the finished result :) I'm left with a dancing skeleton in a very snazzy dress!