Friday, 9 July 2010

Art From The New World

Sarah Folkman
Experiments in Flight #1
Oil on Poplar Panel
Brandi Miline
The Sea of Grief
Acrylic and Ink on Panel

Johnny Rodriguez [KMNDZ]
Heavy Dice
Mixed Media

Mark Ryden
fur Girl
Oil on Canvas

Head Wound IV
Acrylic on Canvas

My main reason for travelling all the way down to Bristol was to see the new exhibition 'Art From The New World' featuring heaps of artists that regularly feature in Juxtapoz Magazine, some of whom had never exhibited in the UK before, I was beyond excited to see the work and I wasn't disappointed!! It was amazing to see such a collection of faultless painters, I was literally left gob-smacked and awe struck, and itching to get home and start painting!!! Posted some photo's of some of my favourites above, I spent hours in the Exhibition and could barely tear myself away, just wish that the Corey Helford Gallery wasn't in L.A then I could be this amazed on a regular basis :);jsessionid=99E9669AC50B0390E3A1F0F7F570F39D.tcwwwaplaws2

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