Friday, 9 July 2010


Journeyed back down to Bristol to see the exhibition "Art From the New World" in the City Museum [where I went last year to see the Banksy Exhibition] I decided to stay down for the night, avoiding nearly 10 hours on the train, and to see more galleries whilst there. However, it didn't all go to plan :( two of the galleries I really really wanted to see where closed [one for a re-hang and the other just because] bit annoyed and pissed off, especially after one involved a mile and a half walk each way [google maps described it as a 6 minute walk - now I hardly have short legs or walk slow....] but instead of sulking I wandered around the city - something I didn't have time to do last time I was there. I found some really cool tiny galleries covering everything from Graffiti to Glass, and went on a graffiti spotting adventure, stopping to take the occasional photo and getting in the way of all the joggers and getting dirty looks for them as I stood there scoffing Monster Munch....

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