Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Painting Challenge Part 1

I've set myself the challenge to try and produce a painting in just over a week, ready for change over in Oriel Scala, which means starting from scratch - from the initial sketches to making a canvas then finally painting, so here's a quick photo-recap of my progress so far, I started on Monday and am aiming to be finished by the end of August so I can take it in for the new exhibition, hopefully it'll get done in time, if not its ok because it's Helfa Gelf month in the gallery so it'll be fine to show a painting in progress as its all about open studios, so really I can't lose :D

[Little note to explain that Helfa Gelf is basically an Art Trail across North Wales of open art studios and galleries, where you go round and have a good old nosy at artists in their natural habitat!]

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