Monday, 29 November 2010

ABAD: New York

I was sent a link this morning to Patricia Mclarnon Sahertian's flickr by Sonja Benskin Mescher, Patricia has taken photos of the Book About Death Exhibition in New York and my entry features in one of the photos!

Here's the link for you to take a gander:

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Alternative Life Drawing @ Mostyn

Last month I was asked to run three workshops in the Mostyn based on the Alternative Life Drawing classes. My only condition was that I had to link/base each workshop on the exhibitions currently on show in the gallery: Junkman, Joanna Clark, Tim Davies

A big thank you to Bernadette Rippon, Sarah Morris and Megan Owen, and everyone who came along to draw :)

More information can be found on the Mostyn website:

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dry Your Eyes...

"Dry Your Eyes..."
Spraypaint and Nail Varnish on Canvas

[Details of the painting below]

Sunday, 14 November 2010

And I Think of You on Cold Winter Mornings...

"I think of you on cold winter mornings..." [Black]
Spraypaint and Nail Varnish

"I think of you on cold winter mornings..." [Black]
Spraypaint and Nail Varnish

I started work on this idea around this time last year when my best friend [Annmarie] asked me to design her a snowflake tattoo, I sketched and sketched but nothing worked, I didn't want to use draw some generic or random snowflake, so I put it to one side for a few weeks.
Whilst sat waiting for a train about a month later I noticed the signs for the toilets and the male/female people symbols they had on them, I got to thinking about them holding hands and being linked together - sort of like a circle of friends or unbreakable friendship, this got me thinking about me and my friend, it was on then on the train journey that everything fell into place thanks to the Guillemots.
I was listening to their d├ębut album and 'Trains to Brazil' came on, its actually one of my all time favourite songs and reminds me a greatly of my Annmarie. There's a particular line in the song:
"I think of you on cold winter mornings,
Darling they remind me of when we were in school..."
It always makes me smile and both me and my friend have separately said that the line makes us think of each other, it kind of helped cement the idea and images together for me. Things got in the way and new projects came along and it wasn't until a few weeks ago whilst working on the Alternative Life Drawings for the Mostyn that I sat down and figured out the design and finally got to work spraying it.