Thursday, 9 December 2010

Making Christmas, Making Christmas...

After I posted the photos of the stencil/spraypainting 'I think of you on cold winter mornings' [on here and on my facebook fan page] I received many requests asking for the design as a Christmas cards, which I have to admit isn't something I'd even thought of, since the original design was intended as a tattoo for my friend. Not wanting to disappoint I decided to give it a shot and try get the cards out as soon as possible! The stencil and spraypainting would be a little tricky for the card - and too time consuming so I settled upon a lino-cut [I actually turned to stencils and spraypaint after leaving my Foundation Diploma and no longer having access to print-making equipment so its nice to return to it!]
I cut the lino at the weekend and tried printing the cards by hand using a Barren but since the card is quite thick it wasn't giving me an even finish and it also damaging the inside of the card :( Thankfully my friend Susie Liddle stepped in and offered me the use of her studio, which is where I spent yesterday afternoon. Susie's studio is amazing! its like a little log cabin complete with printing press, it actually felt like I was some kind of elf making Christmas cards for Father Christmas working in there :) So a massive Thank You to Susie for all her help!!
The finished cards will be on sale in Oriel Scala from the weekend onwards :)

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