Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sketching - Step by Step....

Coloured Pencil in Sketchbook

I always have my camera near me when I'm drawing or painting, I take snaps every few layers of colours or series of marks and see what it looks like digitally, sometimes I spot things that need changing or adding that I might not have seen looking at the original piece, its also easier than untaping a piece and turning it upside down. Along with stepping back and looking at the work from a distance, looking at something you're working on via a camera screen is an ideal way to see the piece with "fresh eyes", so I thought I'd post the photos from today's drawing session!
I'm working on mapping out the colours/sizes/layouts of some new drawings to go with 'Under Neon Loneliness', I made a start this afternoon on this close up of a guy sat slumped, I'm planning on trying some watercolour pencil for the hair and t-shirt but only had time to work on the face today :(

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