Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Under The Skin....

Having spent the weekend masking out and spraying a whole bunch of dolls white, I spent today in the studio drawing in their skeletons ready for painting. I'm starting off with a couple more skeleton ones, partly because its been a good few months since I've done any dolls, and I figure it'll be a good way to refresh myself and get back into the habit of thinking about the bone structure and tones/textures etc.
My plan after completing the skeleton ones is to move onto muscle tone. I've been looking through my little stack of anatomy books and gathering up ideas on which bits to use - I'm not sure if they'll be completely muscle or perhaps a mixture of bone and muscle? I'll have to see how I get on. I guess the only way I'll be able to make a decision is to just do it and see! I have tried in the past to plan it out in my sketchbook first, but because I've painting onto a 3D surface I find it difficult planning it out in 2D first, so its better for me to just work on the actual doll and see how it looks :) so fingers crossed!

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