Sunday, 29 May 2011

What do you get if you cross a Skeleton with Darth Maul??

I've managed to make a start on the muscle tone of the dolls stuck in art-limbo, mixed up the paint the other day and started painting in the first stages, it's taken me a couple of afternoons to do the head, the red in the mixture is quite translucent so I've had to build up the colour in thin layers, so it's a bit time consuming but I'm painting so I'm more than happy to do it!!! I'm a tiny bit concerned that's too dark in places or too red, I might add some more of the dark purple/red shadow to give it some contrast, although once I look it tomorrow with fresh eyes it might be ok, guess we'll see in the morn...

I have to admit I've been giggling away to self in the studio over the fact that she reminds of Darth Maul....

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Rabbit Hearted Girl [Green]

The Rabbit Hearted Girl
Spraypaint on Canvas
Limited Edition of 2

I wasn't planning on doing anymore versions of this stencil, but whilst ordering some spraypaint I started to think that certain colours would work really well with the image, so I ordered a bunch of different colours and this the first of a new colourway series :) I'll need to make a new stencil for the new set - the current one has seen better days and it needs refining slightly but hopefully very soon they'll be some more versions of this image :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Art Limbo...

I started these dolls what seems like years ago, but in fact it was about 3 weeks ago [maybe 4] I just haven't had a chance to get into the studio to finish them off due to commitments with Oriel Scala and my day jobs :( I finally had a day to myself to spend in the studio yesterday so I'm working my way through the little stack of half finished work that's been stuck in art-limbo. Last night I discovered that I've missed a couple of exhibition deadlines, which pissed me off slightly and set me off thinking... after my thinking spell I've come to the conclusion that I really need to manage my time a bit better and prioritize my own art, and learn to say say 'no' [just say no kids!] I've found lately all my free time taken up by voluntary work which is a means to an end I suppose, if I don't put in effort with Oriel Scala then there's a chance it fails and I lose a gallery slot and a place in a co-op, it's a tricky balancing act... It's partly my own fault, like I said I really need to learn to say 'no' and learn when to stop too... anyway's I've scored myself a second day in the studio, still got lots of loose ends to tie up and finish, aswell as a heap of new work that I want to crack on with so best get myself moving...

Saturday, 7 May 2011

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Meet 'Darling' she's a Southern Belle :)

Darling - Limbs

I was shocked when I got given this doll, took its dress off so I could start painting it and discovered she had pom-pom breasts!?! freaked me out slightly, unfortunately during the painting progress they've become a tiny bit lopsided but you can't notice it too much when she's dressed....


Found Doll and Acrylic

Here's Flora the newest half doll - half skeleton doll :)

Flora - Limbs

Here's a peek at Flora's hand and leg :)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Some shots of the studio from this morning, the desk as become a limbo for nearly finished work, I've got some paintings that need varnishing, and dolls that are half painted - I've got the skeleton side done, just need to get cracking on the muscle-tone side... also priming in some areas for some small paintings I'm doing of the dolls... just need time to do it all ! there literally aren't enough hours in the day :(